Our activities will start in March 2019.
In the meantime, here is a taster of some of the things that we will be offering:


A two-course community lunch made using the residual heat from the bread oven. Not only delicious but environmentally friendly too!

Prepare and share lunch

Come along to our kitchen and join us to cook lunch together then sit down with us to eat it. Peelers, choppers, stirrers, bakers, table layers and washer-uppers all welcome!

Men only

A six-week course for men who have no or very little cooking experience. Learn how to cook a main course and a dessert each week. Eat lunch together and take a portion home for another day.

Young chefs

A four-week evening course for 12-16 year olds. Start with simple dishes and get more adventurous as the weeks go on.

Feed the family for a fiver

A four-week course looking at ways to feed a family healthily on a budget. Take home what you’ve cooked for your family each week.

Uni cooks

Join us for a day before you head off to Uni to learn how to make delicious, nourishing meals that don’t cost a fortune and can be made using your limited equipment. Leave with a booklet with lots of ideas to keep you from going hungry!